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December Club Magazine Cover!

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Airdrome Aeroplanes

Hello RFA Members!


The December RFA Magazine is now out.  You have to be a member to recieve a copy, so feel free to join if you have not already done so.


For those new members, we would like to know what you are dreaming about, planning, building, or flying. Anything related to replicating military aircraft of any generation is what we like to put into our magazine. If you have doubts about interest in your story, let us make the decision. We really do want to hear from you and publish your articles in the next Magazine.


Please email your copy to our editor: Corey Butcher

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The Bally B17 Bomber has flown!!! 

From the Prez!

Isaacs Spitfire For Sale!!

Only one of its kind known to be flying in USA. Currently in Hammond, Louisiana.  Performs well at 180 mph and 135 mph Cruise, with a Sesanich prop, electric start and Grove wheels and brakes.  

Asking: $28,000

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Members, see current magazine pg5 for full details!!!

Contact: Bill Pratt  504.453.1504

Titan T-51D Mustang


When equipped with the 245 hp Honda 3.5L V6 engine, a scale 4-blade constant speed propeller, and a full complement of necessary flight instruments, a finished T-51D could cost well under $100,000.



When equipped with the Honda 3.5L V6 engine and the landing gear retracted, a T-51B cruises around 180 mph and has a climb rate of approximately 2,500 f/m. In landing configuration, the stall speed is in the 50 mph range.



Titan has announced that due to production  costs, Prices will go up in August.  So if you considering one of these birds, you may want to get your order it!.   Click  for Titan Website.

Replica Guns, Throttle Quadrants, Clinometers and other WWI Aircraft Products


The Bally Bomber!    B-17 Replica


MK26B (90% Scale)

Chevy V8, 430hp, Max Cruise 193 Knots, 3500 fpm Climb, 2 seats,  1800 ft Ceiling, Range: 570 N/M hour reserve, Fuel Capacity 39.5 Gal/150L, Gross take off: 1985 lbs/810kg.


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Wide Range of WWI Aircraft

Featuring Ultralitht, Scaled and Full Scale aircraft representing Allied and Central Powers.   Lots of photos and videos available. 

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