October 24-26


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April 10-15

Lakeland, FL

AirVenture 2018

July 23- 29

Oshkosh, WI

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Projects For Sale

Overhauled O-200 engine with complete electrical system, pop, cockpit finished etc.   Needs new bungees and assembly and is ready to fly.


Richard Schaller

11016 W. Sunflower Pl.

Avondale, AZ


- Factor New never used.

- Clear, Untinted

- I have 2 ready to ship

- Clear Canopy with windshield

- Mfgr was GEE BEE Canopies

- Trimmed within 1.5 Inches from final dimension

Tom Preuss

31332 Camas Swale Rd.

Creswell, OR  97426



Project based on the Bowers Fly Baby.

Engine: C-65



-90,000 Invested


SEE PAGE 42 of the DEC 1013


Frank Nowak



I recently dismantled my Graham Lee Nieuport and have a bunch of parts to sell. I have included photos as well as a text sheet showing pricing.

Please let me know if this is enough info to place an ad on the site.


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NEW!   Jan 2014 

Other Items

John Hartgerink



2SI 3 Cyl, 2cycle engine

With 2.65:1 Gearbox ZERO hours complete with engine mounts, cooling system andstarter.  $3000.00 usd or best offer plus shipping.  Photos available via email

John Hartgerink



Limited Edition Print

Wof General Gallands Me-262 in the spring of 1945.  Print is framed and signed by Galland and artist.  market value is $300.  Selling for $250.00 usd plus shipping.

John Hartgerink



2008 X-Air

Fly away price of only 15,000 usd.  582 Rotax has only 10 hours since new.  Listing for fellow vet sho is in poor health and cannot fly any more.  has an N-number and photos are available via email.  


John Hartgerink



1)   Hardback Book  Pete bowers wrote on the piper cub.

2)   WWII Tents to borrow for Grasshopper Forward Base display at Oshkosh 2014

3)  181 44Cal. Navy Colt  (cap & ball) Replica by Armi San Marco (they have been out of

     business for 15 years or more)  to add to my set.  Any barrel length is fine. 

Anyone can post warbird replica related items.


If you have something you want to post here, please provide pictures of the item(s), the selling price and as much contact information as you wish to have displayed.


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Build Your Own WARBIRD:

P-51 Mustang    Spitfire   FW-190  P40 Warhawk

Project for sale!!!


Fuselage, firewall back in glass and no foam. Tail feathers complete in glass, ailerons and flaps complete. Main spar, secondary spar, and ribs complete. Also have glass nose bowl, and empinage faring.   I can be reached at reasonable hours at 507 358-8700. Im asking $5400 for everything


Photos Upon Request! 

May 2014 

Ken Chase

Rochester, MN



FW190A 3/4 Scale - Flying!!!

1980, Lycombing engine GO435, 260HP, variable speed prop with pressure carburetor. VFR. Painted in JG26 markings Adolf Galland.  Trade-A-Plane

T51D - Titan Mustang -  Flying!!!  

Titan Mustang 2005/2013 TTAF 145 Hrs.  New Suzuki V-6 183 hp 24 valve fuel injected Mini Merlin.  New Whirl Wind 84" constant speed 4 blade hydraulic prop.  Auto flight gear reduction, SDS ignition.  Engine and prop 34hrs.  Run on auto gas @7 gal/hr @160 mph total fuel 26 gal.  Two seat dual flighter pilot joy sticks, elect. trim and flaps.  Hyd gear +6/-4 g's, King 155 nav/com King76 C x-ponder.  Custom canopy cover, Dynon EFIS D-10, diual intercom, Airvents and heat, Easy to fly, A very affordable bird.   3/2015 annual, too much to list!   Need a cross country airplane!

Asking $143,000 USD


Contact: Jim:  +1-704-677-5181

July 2014 

July 2014