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          Jan - 2014

Message from:

      Bob Pitchford


Phone:  270-622-1256



I represent Aviation Heritage Park in Bowling Green, KY.   We honor South-central Kentucky aviators by displaying aircraft that are associated with their careers. One of our aviators is Bert Hall, a member of the Lafayette Esquadrille.  


I am interested in obtaining a WW1 replica for outside static display in our park.


Thanks!   Bob Pitchford


          Feb - 2014

Message from:

      Tom Preuss


Phone:  +1-541-895-3523


Hey gang!   I'm selling my P-26 project!   Have a look at the

Market Place page or the link.



If you are interested, call me at:




          MAY - 2014

Message from:

      Ken Chase




I have a partial built MJ7 P-51 project for sale.  

What I have is; fuselage firewall back in glass and no foam. Tail feathers complete in glass, ailerons and flaps complete. Main spar, secondary spar, and ribs complete. Also have glass nose bowl, and empinage faring. If you would like a few pics, please email me at I can be reached at reasonable hours.


Im asking $5400 for everything.  


If you are interested, call me at:



MAY 2014