October 24-26


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WWII - W.A.R. Aircraft Replicas P-47





V Dantone

Project Start:

Est. Complete:

Target Engine:



Vincent Dantone



This is a 1982 WAR P-47 experimental, personal inspection is recommended and encouraged before purchase. Aircraft is being sold as is and where is.


>  Eng TT 1135 hr/TSO 497 hr

>  AFTT 387

>  Wingspan 20'

>  Length 19'

>  Weight 898

>  Engine Lycoming O235 6.75 compression-autofuel regular grade ok

>  Prop Sencenich 66" metal custom pitch

>  Fully Retractable mains AND tail wheel (have not seen another)

>  Fuel 14.5 gal

>  Cruise 2100 rpm @ 120mph @ 5.5 gal per hr

>  Tops out @ 150/160mph

>  True service ceiling (I did it,cold)15500 ft

>  Stalls 70mph indicated

>  Approach 85 mph minimum indicated

>  Authentic WW2 paint scheme,352 fighter squadron ,353 fighter group,

   Raydon, Suiffock England, July 1944,"Butch 2" s/n 42-26459 (in the history books)

>  Rolls and wing overs all day long

   Vertical maneuvers not recommended (very slick on the down side)

>  Low pass and pull up all day long

>  Has 4 straight exhaust,at low RPM it rumbles and sounds like a radial

>  Most BANG for the bucks! When you land be ready to answer questions and take pictures..

>  Very easy and responsive to fly but take off and landings need full attention.

>  NOT sport pilot A/C,you should be able to fly and land a  Pitts or Christian eagle A/C,


   Cessna 120 or Taylor craft type not the same flying and landing


   It's hard to describe the thrill and how much fun it is to fly this little JUG, just a HOOT! I have had my 253 thrilling hours-time to pass it on to a responsible owner.


   Please serious interest only, would prefer a phone call for in depth questions. tel (985)974-7745



>  I have flown this A/C  over 253 hrs with over 500 landings and owned it since 1992.


Comes with new ICOM IC-A 200 nav/com in box.


Hammand Regional Airport, LA